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ALTRUM Focus Newsletter Volume 13 Issue 7

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In this Issue:

  1. Here’s How to Maintain Joint Health
  2. ALTRUM Online: July ALTRUM News — Tips to Keep Summer Energy All Year Long
  3. New ALTRUM Odorless Garlic Now Available
  4. Joint Formula Offers Nutritional Support for Your Joints

Here’s How to Maintain Joint Health

As the years go by, you may notice that you have some soreness and aching in your joints — especially when you stand, climb stairs or exercise. It’s a normal part of the aging process, brought on by the wear and tear of daily living.

Keep moving. Although you may fear that physical activity or exercise may only make it worse, your body is supposed to move; joints allow for movement. In fact, research shows that movement eases joint stiffness, reduces joint pain, strengthens the muscles that surround the joints and help us maintain a healthy weight.

Maintain your ideal weight. Carrying excess body weight adds stress to our joints, especially the weight-bearing joints. For each pound that we lose, there is a four-fold reduction in loading forces on the knee when a step is taken, according to a 2005 study.

Try low-impact exercise. The desired benefits of regular physical activity and exercise can be achieved with low-impact exercise — a gentler type of exercise that minimizes the stress put on joints during high intensity workouts. As an example, according to the Arthritis Foundation, low-impact exercises that are easier on your joints include aquatic sports, such as swimming; social sports, such as golf; walking; and cycling.

Practice yoga. Yoga stretches ligaments and enhances joint support without increasing wear and tear.

Strengthen muscles around joints. The muscles that support our joints must be kept as strong as possible. You can work on maintaining or improving your muscle strength by doing strengthening exercises. Weight training is often used as part of a strengthening regimen. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals so you don’t overdo it. With proper strength training, you will increase the stability of your joints and reduce pain and stiffness.

Stay flexible. Range-of-motion exercises enhance flexibility and mobility. Stiff joints limit range of motion, making everday actions such as bending or walking more difficult. Extend, bend or rotate each of your joints. Range-of-motion exercise improves flexibility, relieves stiffness and pain and helps keep joints functional.

Vitamin D and calcium support joint health. Research shows that vitamin D and calcium are two nutrients that support healthy bones. Studies show that vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. You can obtain vitamin D through sun exposure, diet or supplementation. Many people need some supplementation. Your doctor can order a blood test to determine if you are deficient in vitamin D. Low calcium is associated with decreased bone density and increased fracture risk, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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Altrum NewsJuly ALTRUM NEWS
Tips to Keep Summer Energy All Year Long

Do you remember someone saying that if they could “bottle those good feelings” they’d be rich? It turns out nobody has to pay for feeling good — in the summertime. Experts say those summertime feelings of being more relaxed, energetic and healthy are real. A number of things happen in our bodies during the summer that make us feel better, more energetic, focused and positive. The longer days and warm weather help drive some of these changes. Exposure to large amounts of natural light during the day boosts mood and productivity and helps you sleep better at night. Abundant sunshine allows your skin to produce more vitamin D, which delivers a host of wellness benefits, including more stamina, stronger bones and a reduced risk of disease.

Read the July issue of ALTRUM News for some tips on how to keep those summertime good feelings throughout the year.


New ALTRUM Odorless Garlic Now Available

Introductions of the all-new ALTRUM supplements line continue this month with ALTRUM Odorless Garlic.

We’re confident these new, upgraded formulations bring you the tried-and-true nutritional support you count on from ALTRUM.

ALTRUM Odorless Garlic (ALOG) is extracted from Allium sativum. Garlic abounds with naturally occurring sulfur compounds, amino acids and trace minerals.

ALTRUM Odorless Garlic is a highly-purified, garlic extract that has been aged for 18 months. It has been deodorized, yet maintains the nutritional value of garlic.

This product is manufactured without yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish or shellfish ingredients. It is produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Natural color variation may occur in this product. Naturally occurring particulates may be visible in this garlic softgel.

Odorless Garlic



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EA (1) 100 ct





CA (12) 100 ct





Nutritional Support for Your Joints

Joint Formula (DJF01-EA) features a multiple-nutrient combination of the most effective joint support ingredients. Joint Formula nutritionally supports normal joint function by promoting joint lubrication and healthy cartilage and connective tissue. *

Joint Formula includes the following ingredients:

  • MSM, a form of organic sulfur that nutritionally supports production of connective tissue for optimal joint health.*

  • Boswellia: a natural herb that nutritionally supports joint comfort and ease of movement.*

  • Chondroitin Sulfate: nutritionally enhances the formation of cartilage. Healthy cartilage caps the ends of bones, acting as a shock absorber and reducing friction between moving parts.

  • Glucosamine HCL: nutritionally supports joint lubrication.* The body’s ability to produce glucosamine slows down as it ages.

  • Manganese: nutritionally promotes production of manganesecontaining enzymes that aid in production of essential cartilage compounds.

ALTRUM Joint Formula



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CA (6)





* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Please check with your physician when using prescription medication in combination with food supplements.

ALTRUM News brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and how nutrition helps maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility — plus much more. 


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